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Microsoft Office Applications

  • Course level: Beginner
  • Categories Basic
  • Total Hour 36h
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  • Last Update July 16, 2019


Microsoft Office is a set of desktop applications that offer flexible and powerful ways to organize, manage, and present information. Universally used in office settings, knowledge of Microsoft Office tools are a must for anyone in today’s job market.

Microsoft Office products help improve work efficiency with user friendly features that enable easy and secure information sharing. Microsoft Office products provide resources for professional presentation of data that is compatible with most operating systems.

Whether you are looking to expand your Microsoft Office skills for personal use, embarking on a new career, or working towards career advancement, SAUCC has the Microsoft Office training that you are looking for.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Word Processing by MS Word
  • Spreadsheet usability
  • Presentation by MS PowerPoint

Topics for this course

10 Lessons36h

Basic Computer Knowledge

Concepts of Information Technology
Computer Component- Hardware, Software etc.
Uses of input & output devices
Concept of memory & storage
Using Computer & Managing files
Operating system
Basic networking
Functions of utility software’s
Connecting components of a computer

Word Processing/Microsoft Word

Spread sheet/MS excel

Presentation/Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Access/Database

Material Includes

  • MS Office 2016 Software
  • A certificate


  • A working laptop
  • MS Office installed in the laptop