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For the first time in any club’s history at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, SAUCC waved the path for “online club day”. It the club’s first online club day.

Ever since the global pandemic COVID-19 broke out, the world has already started to see some changes. Dolphins are back; birds are flying everywhere, roads are clean, the air is fresh, traffics are gone, schools, colleges, varsities and offices are mostly off.

Now, the world already understands that the works should be done from home instead of present at the workplace but never had it been massively applied. But COVID-19 has created such a situation where public gatherings are to be avoided, maintaining social distance is a must and people are forced to stay home.

Therefore people have started to use online platform for general meetings whether they are corporate jobholders, government officials or students.

On Friday, 10 April, SAUCC organised their first online meeting with over 40 participants through ZOOM cloud meeting software. The meeting was about creating awareness during COVID 19 pandemic, safe Facebooking and data visualization.

Fariah Ahsan Rasha, Secretary of promotional and marketing, took the first session who described what COVID 19 is, how it is transmitting, the symptoms, how to prevent it and what to do if one is infected. In short, participants were advised to stay neat and clean, eat healthy food and wash their hands at least 20 seconds which is necessary to check the outbreak for the present situation.

SAUCC First Club Day

On the second session, Fida Al Hasan, President of SAU Computer Club, demonstrated how phishing sites could be used to hack Facebook user’s account. Participants were shocked to see how their accounts could be hacked, and they wouldn’t even know about it. He gave the participants some tips to stay away from this kind of trap.

After that, Md. Nazmus Sakib Anik, the vice president of the club, took the final session on data visualization. Participants saw how to represent data , i.e. number of COVID 19 affected people around the world on bar diagram or pie chart using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
In the end, it was a successful meeting with participants from all over the country. They felt the first online club day was easy, comfortable and they could carry on such types of meeting in the future.

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